I would like to recognize manufacturers of gluten-free food who are generously helping out our gluten-free friends in need. Please support these companies by purchasing their products. If you are a manufacturer of gluten-free food, please consider following the lead of these companies. Now more than ever your help is needed.

Raquelita Tortillas in Denver, Colorado (www.sandwichpetals.com)
One percent of the sales of Raquelita’s gluten-free flatbread sandwich petals will be donated each month to a gluten-free food bank. They are challenging other manufacturers to do the same. To learn more about this company and what they are doing to “feed the GF hungry a healthy, tasty & versatile bread” follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/GFPetals.

Raquelita participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new gluten-free food bank at the House of Neighborly Service in Loveland, Colorado. To learn more about this program spearheaded by Dee Valdez, please read the post on gluten-free food banks.

Against the Grain Gourmet in Brattleboro, Vermont
Nancy Cain, one of the owners of Against the Grain Gourmet contacted me after reading the post about gluten-free food banks to learn if there was anything her company could do to help. This manufacturer of gluten-free bread puts what they call their “bloopers” to very good use—they donate them to soup kitchens in the Vermont and New Hampshire areas. Fortunately for the kitchens they supply, they make about 50 pounds of “bloopers” each week. I have been reading about this company online and I adore them. While I can’t actually eat their products—they are not milk or egg free—I love what they stand for. Please visit their website and see for yourself.

Cream Hill Estates in Quebec, Canada (www.creamhillestates.com)
After reading the post on gluten-free food banks, Beth Armour reached out to Dee to find out how Cream Hill Estates could help. Please keep us posted Beth!

Update Beth writes that she is mailing two cases of gluten-free oats to Dee in Colorado today. What a fast response!

A huge thank you to Raquelita Tortillas, Against the Grain Gourmet, and Cream Hill Estates! 

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