We are in a new era of gluten-free oat production. Gone are the days when oats and oat products labeled gluten-free meant the grain was produced under a purity protocol. Single- and multi-ingredient oat products labeled gluten-free may now include “regular” oats that have undergone mechanical and/or optical sorting to remove wheat, barley, and rye grain. Many in the gluten-free community are in the process of working through this brave new world of gluten-free oat production and wondering whether sorting is as good as a purity protocol. Some of us are worried that the use of cheaper “regular” oats by gluten-free manufacturers may mark the end of the availability of more expensive gluten-free oats produced under a purity protocol. Whether we continue to have available to us oats grown under a purity protocol is largely up to the gluten-free community and where we choose to spend our dollars. Please click HERE to read the rest of the post.

Gluten-free oats produced via a purity protocol or mechanical sorting: which would you rather eat?
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