This holiday season I have a few gluten-free wishes. Some of them just might be on your wish list too.

It is my hope that…

1. The Food and Drug Administration’s rule for labeling of gluten-free food will be published in the Federal Register sooner rather than later.

2. All manufacturers of gluten-free food will test for gluten using the regular R5 ELISA.

3. Every person who has ever been told they have irritable bowel syndrome and NOT tested for celiac disease will ask (and receive) the serologic tests for celiac disease.

4. All children who complain of persistent tummy aches will be screened by their pediatrician for celiac disease as my son’s pediatrician does.

5. Celiac disease will receive the attention it deserves in medical school.

6. All dietitians will receive education about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet during their dietetic internship.

7. All the misinformation on the gluten-free diet available on the web will magically disappear.

8. Manufacturers of gluten-free food that use only refined flour and starch will start enriching their products with vitamins and minerals.

9. Every person with celiac disease will experiment with at least one new gluten-free whole grain, such as quinoa, buckwheat, or even brown rice!

10. Someone somewhere will come up with a great tasting ready-to-eat gluten-free donut that also is free of lactose and egg white so that those of us with lactose intolerance and egg allergy can also partake (if one already exists, please let me know)!

Here’s hoping some of your (and my) wishes come true!

Happy holidays everyone!

Copyright ©  by Tricia Thompson, MS, RD

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