This week I would love to hear your thoughts regarding issues that I am curious about. Please feel free to leave comments on any (or all) questions. And just to be fair, I will give you my thoughts on each of these issues as well.

Obviously, there are no right or wrong answers!

1. When cooking gluten free do you prefer recipes that mimic (or try to mimic) the taste and texture of gluten-full foods regardless of ingredients (e.g., gums, starches, etc) or those that incorporate new tastes and textures by using gluten-free whole grains, such as amaranth, teff and buckwheat?

My thoughts: I have been on a gluten-free diet for so many years that I can’t even remember what most gluten-full foods taste like! But, as I’ve said before if someone knows of a gluten-free, egg-free, milk-free donut please let me know (and in this case, I don’t care what the other ingredients are!).

2. Have you tried cooking/baking with gluten-free grains and flours other than rice and corn (e.g., buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff, sorghum, wild rice)? If so, which grains are your favorites?

My thoughts: I have cooked/baked with most of the gluten-free “alternative” grains and flours. I have not used wild rice flour in anything yet. While they all have wonderful flavors and textures, my favorites are quinoa, teff, and wild rice.

3. Do you eat gluten-free oats? Have you tried baking with gluten-free oat flour?

My thoughts: I have not tried baking with gluten-free oat flour but plan to soon. I am in the process of developing recipes for a book I am writing on gluten-free vegetarian diets and would like to include recipes for cookies and bread that use oat flour. If you have any tips, please pass them along.

4. Have you used the EZ Gluten test strips to test foods for gluten? If so where (e.g., home, restaurants) and for what foods?

My thoughts: I have not used these test strips but will be researching and writing a blog about them soon.

5. Do you contact gluten-free food manufacturers to ask if they test their products for gluten? If they do and the gluten level is below 20 parts per million is this satisfactory to you?

My thoughts: I frequently contact companies to ask about their testing procedures, including what tests they use. I am satisfied with a gluten level below 20 parts per million but am happier when it is even lower.

6. After the FDA finalizes their gluten-free labeling rule, will you eat products labeled gluten free that contain wheat starch?

My thoughts: I don’t know. My ambivalence has a lot to do with nutritional quality. When there are so many great tasting nutritious gluten-free flours I don’t really see the need to eat a product based on wheat starch. However, if there is a wheat starch based donut…

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

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Six Gluten-Free Questions for You